The Digital Silk Road at Guilford College

Welcome to Guilford College’s Digital Silk Road website! This project was created by the students in Professor Zhihong Chen and Professor Eric Mortensen’s Fall 2016 team-taught Digital Humanities course at Guilford College called The Digital Silk Road. Click any point on the map: you will be led by our students on informative journeys along the Silk Road.

In addition, our students traveled to the Silk Road reaches of China for a January 2017 study abroad course titled Digitally Mapping China’s Silk Road. Building on their StoryMap creation skills honed during the Fall 2016 course, each student created a StoryMap of their experiences in China. Please navigate to the Abroad Experiences page to see the students’ individual StoryMaps.

The icons on the map showcase the journeys taken by the student teams over the course of their research: meaningful locations for each team have been marked on the map. Each team is represented by its own icon: hearts for Team Heart, mountains for Team Earth, suns for Team Sky, and bowls for Team Tongue. Clicking on any icon will lead you to a description of the place, and a link to the team project to learn more.

The blue line on the map showcases the course’s travels across China during January 2017.